Friday, 18 May 2018

Would you like to swim in this?

Year 1 found out about swimming costumes from long ago.  They thought that they would be too heavy to swim in.  They also found out that the Victorians got changed in bathing huts when they were at the beach.  The huts were like a shed on wheels.
Would you like to wear these costumes to swim in ?

Year 1 make a Torah

 Year 1 watched a film about the Torah which is the special religious book for Jews.  They drew pictures of one of the stories from the Torah and then rolled the paper into a scroll.

In the classroom the boys sat in the middle of the class and girls on the side.  This is how men and women sit in a Synagogue.

Special Books

In RE Year 1 have been looking at special books.  Mrs Price brought in some very old Topsy and Tim books that are special to her.  We decided that we should handle special books very carefully, turn the pages one at a time and keep them safe.
Some of the children brought their special books to school.  Charlotte had a very special Bible that she showed the class.

A cleaner place is a greener place!

Last Friday we went out to the playgrounds and field see if we could find any litter. Unfortunately, we did find quite a bit which included crisp packets, cartons of juice and snack wrappers. We used the litter pickers to pick up as much as we could.

So, we Eco Warriors would really like you to put your litter in the bin. Litter can damage the environment and harm animals if they mistake it for food. We encourage you to pick up any litter you find even if you didn't drop it.


Catherine (Harrison Class), Emily (Harrison Class) and the Eco Warrior team!

Potter Butterfly release

Yesterday, Potter class released their five beautiful painted lady butterflies! It was very exciting and a little bit sad to say goodbye to them.  Before they left we managed to capture some lovely photos of some of the children holding the butterflies!





This week in RE and PSHE the children have been thinking about questions. They looked at different types of questions people can ask and sorted questions into those categories. We have also started an 'I wonder why...' so that we can discuss one deeper thinking question in class everyday. Archie started us off by asking 'Why do penguins have wings if they don't need to fly?'

Warhol and Gormley Maths

Yesterday, Warhol and Gormley class met and solved a maths problem together! They were put into teams and needed to investigate who had stolen Meghan Markle's tiara a few days before the wedding! They used their mathematical skills as well as working in a team to solve the mystery. The children had a brilliant time and they worked fantastically together. A great morning had by all!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Snack in Reception

This half term we have been revamping the snack areas in Reception and looking at the provision provided for the children. As it is the summer term we are giving the children more independence over snack tasks. This helps the children to achieve their Physical Development Early Learning Goals.

The children have been enjoying pouring their own water, helping themselves to a selection of healthy fruit and vegetables, washing up their cups and bowls as well as chopping up their own strawberries.

Following the changes the children have since commented:

"I love new snack!"

"This is the best snack ever!"

"This is how my Mum cuts up my strawberries at home."

"I am really good at washing up my cup and bowl."

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Our Values

In Nursery, this week we have been learning about Agent Respect as part of this and watched a short video clip about what "respect" means and how we respect ourselves, our friends and our grown up at Nursery and at home.

Here are some of ideas that the children came up with about what it means to be Agent Respect.

Was Alfred so Great?

In the first of a series of lessons on debating whether Alfred the Great was really so Great, we ordered his life events on a timeline. From these events, we made inferences about his character and achievements.

Times table puzzlers

We applied our knowledge of times tables and the associative and distributive laws to solve some tricky maths puzzles

Big mouthed investigators...

This week, we acted as scientific investigators to identify the role and function of our teeth. Specifically, we examined casts, ate food, used mirrors and created a big mouth!

Potter class Butterflies

The waiting is over! Over the weekend our butterflies have emerged from their cocoons! We now have five fantastic painted lady butterflies.  Unfortunately we cannot keep them for very long so later on today we will be releasing them in to the wild!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Victorian Child Thieves - Desperate or Bad?

We explored life as a Victorian child through drama. We considered the lives of young poor children during the period. We then used Dodger from Oliver Twist as inspiration to write a short narrative from the perspective of the character. We wanted to show the feelings behind the actions and aimed to write with a voice!!

Check out our topic books to read some more great work!

Cricket In The Sun

In the beautiful sunshine, year 5 took part in games of cricket. Over the last few weeks, we have been learning how to hold the bat and how to move towards the ball with the correct posture.

In fielding, we have improved our accuracy and control of the ball. We are looking forward to our inter-class year 5 match soon.

Fantastic progress in the whole year!!

Did the crime fit the punishment?

In topic, we have been researching lots of different crimes that took place during the Victorian period. Each group had to find interesting crimes and punishments before sentencing the criminals in our classroom court!

Can you believe a four year old was once sentenced to 21 hard days labour for begging?
Most of us felt the crimes did not fit the punishments.

Year 6 - SATs breakfast

Although this week is a tough week for the Year children taking their SATs tests, they are thoroughly enjoying arriving to school early for their breakfast. The children have been offered home-cooked muffins and croissants alongside fresh fruit, yoghurts and flap jacks! A huge thank you to Kerry in the kitchen :) 

Monday, 14 May 2018

Wood, plastic or metal?

In Science, we are learning about materials! We have been sorting lots of objects in the classroom according to what material they are made from. We have been thinking about the properties of wood, plastic and metal that make them particularly useful for different purposes.

Sensational Seascapes!

Today we used all the different prints we've made to build our own seascape, inspired by the artist Rachael Bennett. We layered up the different textures and colours to create sky, sea, sand and rocks. Our artwork is beautiful!