Thursday, 15 March 2018

Science Fayre - Year 6

Fourteen pupils from Year 6 are representing Windhill21 today at the annual Big Bang Science Fayre at Herts and Essex High School. Through child-led enquiry, the pupils have investigated their own scientific questions and are presenting their projects in their own unique style. 

Year 2 Chocolate!

Year 2 have been working hard on their chocolate bar designs ready for the chocolate showcase. We can't wait to show you what we have created! Here are some of our printed designs...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Cassatt's final designs and prototypes

Reception thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon spent designing and making their 'future-ready' vehicles. Take a look at their final designs and prototypes below - could this be the future of transport?

Canada made a “submarine-car” which featured ‘sideways’ wheels and even a toilet and
a chimney! The driver’s seat was placed at the top so they could see all around. 

  India’s vehicle featured wings and came complete with a second detatchable ‘super car’. 
They were very thoughtful about the amount of wheels their vehicle needed.

France came up with a design that featured many different driving seats so that the
car could go lots of different ways. They even added a flag on top as a car badge. 

Sweden’s car featured springs so that it could jump over rivers, and a grate to allow the
steam to come off of the engine. The team decided to call the model “H2S04 BPS Car Flyer”

Mexico made a vehicle complete with rocket boosters and a ‘hoover button’ to allow
the car to clean as it drives around. Their car also came equipped with a second smaller car inside.

Year 1 enterprise day

 Wow! what a busy day we have had.  Year 1 have designed vehicles for a purpose.  shared their ideas and then made a prototype.
The children worked in small groups and were awarded points for team work, imagination and carrying out their design.

Beware of the poachers!

Year 1 have started a new unit of work for Literacy.  They are learning to write a non chronological report.  To 'hook' them into their learning a parcel was delivered to the class from the police!

Inside was a tusk from an elephant.  We then discussed why people take elephants tusks and if it is ok to do so.  They will now find out more about elephants and write non chronological reports about them.

Enterprise Day - Year 6 Presentations

Each group in Year 6 presented to the rest of the class their design, what its special features were and how their vehicle could cope with the environmental challenges of the jungle, the dessert, an ice world and an urban city.

Enterprise Day - Year 5 Presentations

In Year 5 groups took turns to evaluate each other’s vehicle and then present their findings to the rest of the class providing positive praise and suggestions as to how the design could be improved. The groups receiving the positive critiques responded in a very mature manner, taking onboard the analysis of their creation with aplomb.

KS1 P4C club

For our final P4C club today, we have been reflecting about all the things we like about P4C! These are a few of the things that the children mentioned:

"I like making up my own questions and I like it when people listen to me"

"I like making posters to tell people about Would You Rather questions"

"I like playing thinking games and working together with my friends"

After our discussion, the children chose to create P4C posters. Some decided to continue their work from enterprise day, convincing me that their vehicle was 'future-ready'. We finished by playing 'the hoop game', which is the children's favourite collaboration game.

Well done to the children for all the critical thinking that they have been doing in P4C club!

Enterprise Day - Year 4 Presentations

After all their hard work and effort throughout the day each team was given the opportunity to present to the rest of the class their amazing design, explaining in detail how they worked on their vehicle, what went well and what they could do better next time.

Enterprise Day - Year 3

Year 3 have been so imaginative when creating their transport of the future. Their designs have come to life in physical 3D models.  They are now in the process of testing them for size, mobility, appearance and adaptability.

Enterprise Day - Reception

The Reception classes had a fantastic afternoon, creating their model vehicles from their wonderful designs.  There was an amazing array of Agents on show; Agent Perseverance, Agent Problem Solver, Agent Respect, Agent Reflector and Agent Communicator were all present as each team created their transport of the future!

Enterprise Day - Model Making

Year 1 and Year 2 have completed their designs and are now beginning to put together their prototype model. Some great collaboration and creativity has been going on with thoughtful discussions about what piece of junk modelling could be used for the different parts of their vehicles.

Enterprise Day - Year 6

Year 6 have now completed their final designs and are deciding on how to spend their budget of £30,000 thinking carefully of the important features they need for their transport and the environments their vehicle will be traversing. Some groups are already thinking about how they are going to construct their vehicle and the junk material they will use.

EnterpriseDay - Year 5

Year 5 are now at the crucial stage that involves positive collaboration and team work to collate the best of their individual ideas into their final design of their future transport.