Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Calling all budding authors!

Have a look at the link below if you want to take part in the BBC 2 story writing competition! The children are buzzing about it already!


KS1 P4C club

Today in P4C club, our stimulus was Agent Communicator.

The children were asked to think about what it meant to be a good listener. Charlotte suggested that a good listener is someone who tracks the speaker and doesn't fidget and Lily added that when you are listening you can't talk at the same time. 

This got us thinking about our enquiry question...
Is it always good to listen?

Sophie immediately answered with a definite no "because if they are a bad person you don't want to listen to them". Charlotte agreed and added "you shouldn't listen to strangers". Everyone agreed with this statement. Rosa suggested that "perhaps it depends on who it is you're listening to - if they're a teacher or something like that, you should listen. But if someone is saying something that might scare you, you should just not listen, especially if it's just before bed". We all agreed with this and Aron concluded that a lot of the time we should use our listening skills "especially with our mummys and daddys and teachers and police officers".

Following on from our discussion, the children designed a creature that would be an excellent listener. Features included "19 eyes", "feet that don't stomp", "echo location" and "huge ears". Three children chose to draw Rudolf "because he has to listen carefully to Santa's instructions".

What games do children like to play in Africa?

Today we learned that children in Africa love to play football, just like we do! We also learned that some children in Africa can't afford to buy a leather football, so they make their own footballs by recycling other things. We watched a video that showed us how to make a football from plastic bags and newspaper and decided to have a go ourselves! We then played football with it outside!

Monday, 15 January 2018

How do you tell the time in Antarctica?

In Moore class today, we discovered that Antarctica has no time zone because (like the segments in an orange) the time zones join at the Poles. While we munched on our oranges (aka globes) we understood that this meant that people in Antarctica adopt the time zone of their home country.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Year 5 Newsletter

It has been an exciting start to the new term with the children stepping back in time to the 1920s and 1930s. We have begun looking at a range of sources to consider what life was like during those times and it has been fascinating to hear what the children already know. Over the next few weeks we will be planning our own antique auction where the children will take ownership for the listing of their own object before putting it under the gavel.

In English, we are reading Mary Poppins and this has provided a great stimulus for a range of learning across the curriculum. In maths, we are learning about fractions in a range of creative and meaningful contexts including building lego houses!!

In science, our topic is forces. We have already planned and carried out several investigations into friction and air resistance.

'Lets go fly a kite' Science

In science, we have been learning about different forces. Our focus this week was centered around Mary Poppins and her umbrella and kite. We were given a choice of two challenges
1.) How size affects the speed at which an object falls.
2.) How the material affects the speed at which an object falls. 

Before starting the investigation, we had to plan a fair test using the three variables. For the 'size' investigation we had to measure three different size kites (25cm x 25cm, 30cm x 30cm and 35cm x 35cm) before cutting them out from a choice of 3 materials (black sack, fabric and tissue). We used stopwatches to record our answers before finding the average fall time.

We concluded that the larger the surface area, the more air resistance was apparent. We also noticed that the heavier materials fell quicker.

A Lego Home for Mary Poppins Using Fractions

In maths, we were set a problem based around our class story 'Mary Poppins'

Since Mrs Banks chose to have four children, you are required to build and paint Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane to a particular spec. Unfortunately, Mr Banks says the 'Bank is broken' so you will just have to build the new house with Lego. 

A.) 1/4 must be blue, 1/4 must be red and 1/2 must be black
b.) 1/10 must be blue, 1/5 must be red, 1/5 must be black, 1/2 must be green.

Firstly, we had to work in groups to identify how many bricks were needed before finding the amount of each colour. We investigated different fractions and found equivalents of them and used these to build the new house.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Arctic survival in the forest!

We got busy in the forest making tripods for smoking fish and designing supports for melting water. We came to the conclusion that while we would have limited diets, we would be okay for water!

Welcome aboard Miro Safaris!

Welcome aboard Miro Safaris! We absolutely love curling up with our giant snake to enjoy a good book in our new African Adventure book corner!

Year 1's African Adventures!

Year 1 have had a very exciting start to the new term and our new topic, African Adventure. Our big question is, "Would you like to live in Africa?" and we started to consider this by researching a village in Zambia and learning about how people live there. In Literacy we have been looking at tortoises in preparation for our class text, How the Tortoise got its Shell. We went to the Immersion Room to study tortoises and wrote some fantastic descriptions of them. In Art we were captivated by a video of African dancers wearing masks and we made beautiful observational drawings of some African masks. In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and we used cardboard 3D shapes to make our own African animals. We can't wait to learn more about Africa next week!

Good vs. Bad P4C

In P4C this week we discussed whether the pigs and wolf in the story 'The Three Little Pigs' are good or bad?

The children discussed their opinions and then voted with their feet on whether the pigs were bad or the wolf was bad.

These children said the pigs were bad.

Max J: "The pigs shouldn't put the wolf in the pot 'cause they are nature."

These children said the wolf was bad.

Hugo: "The wolf needs a time out."

Counting in 3s

In our maths meetings each day we have been learning to count in 3s. Have a look at what we can do!

Planting in science

In science this morning we have looked at what we think will happen when we plant a pea seed.
We came up with questions and planted our seeds in cotton wool. We also began writing a seed diary which we will be updating each week with the seed's progress.

Year 4 Newsletter

We have had a dramatic start to the new school term in Year 4!  We have been learning about Antarctic exploration through contemporaneous letters, photos and diaries entries.  This enabled us to piece together the chain of events in 1911 and 1912 to determine who was the victor of the race to South Pole.  In literacy, we have started to imagine ourselves of members of Captain Scott's team (Cherry-Gerrard, Bowers and Wilson) as we have written letters home.  Using some of the proceeds of the Streets of London market, we have adopted 5 Adelie penguis and we have been learning why and how modern day Polar scientists study the penguins.  We have also linked our science learning to Antarctica by designing and carrying experiements to determine factors that cause ice to melt more quickly.

This week in Reception

This week, children in Reception have been retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs in their choosing time. We have enjoyed using masks and puppets to play the part of the characters from the story, and have been able to recall plot and character information as well as add our own expressive flair to the narrative! 

We have also been exploring the strength of different building materials and techniques to make sure our structures can't be blown down by a 'Big Bad Wolf'!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Maths in Done class

The tables were changed into huge place value grids as part of our maths lesson. It was a great chance to get better at place value and exchanging.

Done class volcanoes

Done class have been busy creating volcanoes and then had lots of fun testing them for chemical reactions.

Winter Parcel - stanza 4

Winter Parcel - stanza 3

Winter Parcel - stanza 2

Winter Parcel - stanza 1

Warhol have been learning a poem called 'winter parcel' and have practised it read to perform. We hope you enjoy!

Science in Year 3-Riley class

Science in Year 3 has begun with our new topic of Animals including Humans. We started by looking at the human body, in particular the skeleton. To find out what the children already knew and to identify any misconceptions, the children created replica models of a human skeleton using dog treats and straws. Here are some pictures of what was created.

Year 3 Towns Maths

Towns class have been busy today learning more about regrouping when subtracting. We turned our desks into giant place value grids and used counters to show what we do when we are being asked to subtract a larger number from a smaller one.