Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Hot Task time in Year 6!

The Year 6 children have been writing their hot task today on how to wash a gorilla. They have spent the last two weeks learning how to write an effective set of instructions and are putting their skills to the test today! 

Handwriting of the week!

Jay and Alyssia have been working really hard on their joins!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fun in the Forest!

In Forest School last week, Miro class enjoyed hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows around a campfire. We learned how to build a fire, how to stay safe around the fire and how to stop it from going out. It was so much fun!

Bar Modelling in Year 1

This week in Year 1 we are learning how to use bar models to represent part whole models. Next we will be using bar models to help us link subtraction with addition!

Making Smoothies in Miro!

In Miro we have been making fruit smoothies! We learned how to chop the fruit safely before choosing which three fruits we would like in our smoothie. Next we will be designing cartons for our smoothie and writing recipes!

KS1 P4C club: A pet is for life...

To begin our session today, the children shared with one another what their dream pet would be and why. We had everything from cats to dragons! We then shared the following news story, taken from the BBC website in 2015:

A lonely micro-pig whose best friend is a sheep is in need of a new home.
The abandoned piglet was discovered in a garden and has been taken in by a vet.
Animal charity the RSPCA believes the mini black and white hog was an unwanted Christmas present.
"He is very lonely and keeps trying to break into the sheep pen for company, but as he is so small we are worried he may get trampled on," the inspector said.
"He is now looking for his forever home on a smallholding or farm."
"We think he is one of the first victims of the buying pets as a Christmas present issue."

The children all agreed that this made them feel a little upset, some even felt cross. Abigail explained that it made her feel ashamed that someone has just left the little pig on its own. After some discussion, we decided to create posters to encourage people to love their pets for life!
Nicky explained in his poster that "any kind of life is important" 
Sienna encouraged people to "love your pet because they are a part of life!"

Flipped Learning in Done Class

For our Early Work this morning Done Class began by learning all about written addition method using the iPads as part of our 'Flipped Learning' approach.