Tuesday, 20 February 2018

P4C club

In P4C club today, we have been thinking about how we can enhance our school environment by introducing "questions to think about" during lunch times. We designed table top displays to place on the dining hall tables to prompt discussion.

Some questions included:

What is your favourite food and why?

Would you rather meet a polar bear or hug a rat?

Would you rather live in a house or in a tent?

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Spring Term 1- Riley Class

This half term has flown by with so much going on in Year 3. Riley class have learnt a lot about their topic of Natural Disasters and are specialists about Volcanoes. The children have really enjoyed their science investigations into human and animals skeletons. Riley class had their class assembly, we went to the literacy festival and thrived during the activities in maths week, especially the escape rooms! The children all deserve a good break- we look forward to more adventures next half term!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Year 4 Literature Festival

Yesterday Year 4 visited the Bishop’s Stortford College Literature Festival! Author, Jo Cotterill, spoke to us about her newest series of books called Electrigirl! We had the opportunity to ask her questions about her inspiration to become an author, why she chose to write about superheros and about the electrigirl books in particular. A great afternoon was had by all!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Today I reflected on my life as a polar explorer...

Last week, year 4 wrote their hot tasks (a diary of a polar explorer). They were so convincing that you could be mistaken for thinking that they were written 100 years ago by the brave men who conquered Antarctica.

What if water couldn’t freeze?

After debating this question, Year 4 used clues to construct Antarctic food webs. Then we considered the effect of global warming on krill and how this might impact the food web.

Parachutes in Reception

The children received a letter today from a boy called Jim. He told us that he and his brother Jack climbed the beanstalk together. After meeting the giant, he went to run and climb back down the beanstalk, but Jack had already chopped it down! The children were tasked with helping Jim escape from the clouds and land safely.

After some discussion about using gliders, helicopters and even trampolines, Layla suggested that parachutes might be a good option, and Foster agreed, saying that "it slows you down" so that you land safely.

The children followed instructions about making parachutes in their choosing time, and after this, they decided to test them out! Here are some videos of the children testing them in the outdoor area.

Year 3 Volcano Diamond 9

Year 3 spent the afternoon being historians and finding out different facts about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.
They were given 9 consequences of Vesuvius erupting and had to order them on a diamond nine in order of the worst consequence for the people of Pompeii down to the least bad consequence for the people of Pompeii (and the consequences they thought came between).
Children were given additional Breaking News updates throughout the lesson and then had to discuss and readjust their ordered consequences based on the information they had just been given.